For many people, enjoying a beer or a glass of wine is a way to relax and socialize. But if you find yourself exhibiting signs of alcohol dependency and want to quit drinking, you may be concerned about facing withdrawal on your own.

At Drug, Alcohol, Mental Health Counseling & Evaluation Services, Inc in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are proud to offer alcohol treatment services to help you on your journey. If you’re concerned about facing alcohol withdrawal, we can help. Here are some things to expect when coming to our practice.

Your initial diagnosis

When you first come to our clinic, we’ll ask you some questions about your alcohol intake. Our providers will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

It’s important to be as honest as you can in this initial consultation. The more you can tell us, the better we can help. You may meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder if you:

  • Often drank more than you intended
  • Wanted to cut down or stop drinking but couldn’t
  • Spent a lot of time drinking or being sick from drinking
  • Wanted a drink more than anything else
  • Found that drinking interfered with your normal life

If you meet the criteria for moderate-to-severe alcohol use disorder, you may undergo withdrawal symptoms when quitting alcohol.

Effects of withdrawal

If you’ve been drinking heavily for a while, your body eventually learns to adapt to alcohol’s depressive effect, leading to a chemical dependency. If you quit alcohol cold-turkey, your brain could struggle to function as it has adapted to certain alcohol levels, leading to serious withdrawal symptoms.

Patients undergoing alcohol withdrawal often experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Sweats

In serious cases, some people can even experience hallucinations, delusions, and seizures. That’s why we always recommend undergoing alcohol use disorder treatment in a trained medical environment.

How we help

Depending on your alcohol habits, you may suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms when detoxing. At Drug, Alcohol, Mental Health Counseling & Evaluation Services, Inc, we offer inpatient services and outpatient services. This means that whatever you experience, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Inpatient treatment

During your inpatient treatment, you can completely focus on your rehabilitation and recovery. On top of that, we provide counseling, medications, and 24/7 medical and mental health support.

We also provide comprehensive evaluations to uncover any underlying medical or mental health problems that may cause or be related to your alcohol use disorder. This holistic approach to your recovery can improve your outcomes after treatment.

Outpatient treatment

Once you leave our center, you won’t be on your own. We offer a continuous support service through our outpatient clinic, which may include therapy, prescribed medication, and other support. We can also arrange for home visits or pick-ups based on your unique requirements.

To get help with your alcohol intake and withdrawals, call Drug, Alcohol, Mental Health Counseling & Evaluation Services, Inc. at (808) 400-5003 to book an appointment today. You can also use our online contact form to request more information for yourself or a loved one.

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